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Green Commitment

Our manufacturing policy incorporates many environmentally friendly elements

IFS strives to reduce the impact that our manufacturing has on the environment through sustainable practices and recycling initiatives. In addition, we will seek to provide our customers with solutions designed to help them produce products that are inherently more sustainable.

  • Most of the steel material used in IFS wire displays is generated from post production scrap metal.
  • All steel components including; tubing, sheet metal and wire are recycled as well as all waste paper, plastic and wood materials.
  • Recirculation of the powder line wash water drastically reduces water consumption and chemical usage.
  • Facility lights are replaced with energy efficient lighting reducing energy requirements in half.
  • All materials utilized are US-DOT non-hazardous; creating no hazardous waste.
  • We use no solvents in our waste stream using only eco-friendly degreasers and cleaners.
  • All paints are low volatile organic compound (VOC)
  • Our wash line utilizes an ambient temperature detergent that eliminates the need to heat water, which eliminates 3.8 million BTUs per hour saving electricity and gas.