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Where are your fixtures manufactured?

Our fixtures are manufactured in Rockford, Illinois. The only part that comes from overseas that is utilized by IFS are the actual LED lights.

Do you carry stock of fixtures?

We are a custom manufacturer and do not carry stock on most items. If we do have stock, it usually belongs to someone.

What colors can I choose?

Every color is available to our customers. Our most popular are almond, flat black, and gloss black.

What are the specs on your LED lights?

Color Pure White
LED Qty 60/m
Angle 120°
Voltage DC12V
Max Current 400mA/m
Max Power 4.8w/m
Diode Per Foot 18
Lumens at 6” Distance 1240
Diode Manufacturer Epistar
Power Useage 1.31 watts per foot

Can I order a sample before I purchase in bulk?

We have our own internal prototype shop to create prototypes for our customers. Lead times are between 1 and 3 weeks on average.

Where do you ship?

IFS has shipped fixtures to all of North America including all 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. We are also the provider for numerous branches of the US Military and have sent fixtures to the majority of bases across the globe.  We have the ability to ship across the globe.

I want to buy a fixture, but I don’t know how much space my store has. Do you offer surveys?

IFS absolutely provides survey service to our customers.  Please contact your salesperson for additional information.

How do I get a quote for a fixture?

Contact your sales representative or email Sales@InnovativeFS.com – they will obtain the fixture information from you, quantity, and any additional shipping information necessary.

Do we bill in US and Canadian Dollars?


Do you keep stock on these fixtures in your warehouse?

Not typically.  All of our fixtures are made custom.

Does my entire allotment of fixture have to be shipped to me once built?

No, we have fulfillment services that can be arranged for a slow release.

Can these be shipped directly to my store locations?

Yes, we ship direct to stores every week.

How will these fixtures come packaged?

This depends on how the unit will be shipped. We will work to develop packaging at the customer’s request.

Can we change the dimensions, color etc. from what the catalog is showing?

Certainly, every unit we make is customizable.

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