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IFS is a full-service provider for Display Racks and Display Fixtures from concept to production to fulfillment and installation. Our 300,000+ square foot manufacturing and fulfillment facility is strategically located in Rockford, Illinois enabling us to service your needs throughout North America. We are committed to continuous improvement, including significant reinvestment of capital into our manufacturing facility, so we can continue to provide the most up-to-date and efficient design, prototype, manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities.

IFS Lean Manufacturing Model and Capabilities
IFS manufacturing operations are based upon the Lean Manufacturing Process model.
  • Pull System
  • Interconnected Processes
  • Visual Floor Management System
  • Cell Manufacturing
  • A Relentless Pursuit to Eliminate Waste
  • Continuous Improvement
  • 5S

This Dedication to Lean Manufacturing Provides:
Production of High<br>Quality Products
Production of High
Quality Products
Reduced and Reliable<br>Lead Times
Reduced and Reliable
Lead Times
Flexible Manufacturing<br>Capabilities
Flexible Manufacturing

IFS manufacturing vision is to provide the customer with a highly flexible fully integrated manufacturing capability that eliminates outsourcing to third parties. When a manufacturer depends upon third parties for outsourced parts, quality control, lead times and delivery reliability are at risk.
Automated CAD Integration
Numerous CNC machines are integrated to engineering drawings to ensure accuracy of parts production and highly efficient parts nesting.
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting
Latest in Fiber Laser Technology which provides high flexibility and can be used to etch various metals.
CNC Wire Bending
AIM Wire Bending Technology and Wafio Wire Bending Technology provide incredible flexibility for 3D wire bending.
CNC Wire Cutting
High speed wire straightening and cutting machines provide all the cutting power for any need.
CNC Sheet Metal Bending
18 CNC and regular Break Presses enable highly flexible bending capability in efficient cells.
CNC Metal Grid Welder
Dual sided Grid Welder enables high volume Wire Shelving and Grid Panel production.
CNC Metal Rollforming
High Speed Roll Former enables in house production of all price channel, bumper frames and U channel. Eliminates outsourcing lead times.
CNC Wood & Plastic Routers
CNC Routers with the ability to incorporate wood and plastics including the ability to etch wood and plastic.
CNC Slotted Tubing
Slotting Tubing capability reduces lead times by 4 to 5 weeks on fixture framing.
CNC Tube Bending
Multiple tube benders enable flexibility to run efficiently in lean manufacturing cells and multiple programs simultaneously.
Powder Coating
Two Computer Assisted Powder Coat Bays with capacity to multiple jobs at one time.
High Speed Wire Cutting
High speed wire straightening and cutting machines provide all the cutting power for any need.
In House Digital Printing
Digital printing enables your message and brand to get across in vivid eye catching signage.
Edge Laminating
Economically combine wood panels, wood shelves and signs to enhance the look of any display.
Up to 35 MIG welding stations, 30 plus Resistance welding stations and 10 Gang Resistance welding stations enable high flexibility and highly efficient cell manufacturing.

IFS can produce display racks with a wide variety of materials including:
  • Wire
  • Sheet Metal
  • Steel Tubing
  • Digital Prints
  • Wood
  • Laminated Wood
  • Acrylics
  • Plastics
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