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LED Whitepaper

In 2012, IFS developed an LED lighting system with their partners for implementation on impulse fixtures. In order to prove the effectiveness of the system, a test was required. The information below is the detail and results of that test.

LED Test Results:

A test was conducted for six months between January 19 and July 20, 2013 of the effectiveness of LED lighting in 16 grocery stores in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH. The test was conducted under the following conditions to accurately gauge the effectiveness of adding LED lights to impulse merchandising fixtures:

  • Eight stores were designated as test stores
  • Eight stores were designated as control stores
  • The test stores and control stores were matched demographically
  • Results were equalized/controlled by differences in the unique transactions
  • Number of unique transactions in test stores: 5,540,801
  • Number of unique transactions in control stores: 5,342,096
  • The fixture design for both test and control stores were identical
  • Items and stock levels were identical
  • Planograms were identical
  • All item pricing was identical
  • Variable tested: LED lighting impact

Test Results:

All categories in the test stores outperformed control stores.

  • Gum and Mint
  • Chocolate
  • Magazines
  • Salty Snacks
  • Beverages


  • Dollar Sales were up 8.71% in test stores
  • Unit Sales were up 3.47% in test stores
  • Gross Profits were up 7.84% in test stores
  • Market Basket Averages were up 5.51% in test stores
  • The confection category was the largest winner


Customers are attracted to brightly illuminated displays which results in increased sales.

Additional Information:

IFS believes that LED lights succeed in bringing colors and products to life. This increases browse time and impulse buying at the checkout. Since this test, IFS has rolled out 4000+ stores and 40,000+ fixtures with high-impact LED lighting highlighting one or multiple categories in stores throughout the United States.

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