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Life Cycle Services

Customer Needs and Trend Analysis

We listen to our partners to develop an in depth understanding of their market, customers, and needs. We then use and provide industry data and trend analysis information to guide our partners in areas such as layout, design, and materials to help reach their desired audience.

Conceptual Fixture Design

IFS will develop three-dimensional concept drawings for our customers to view proposed samples of our fixture designs. We utilize SolidWorks® engineering software to ensure precision in manufacturing.

Display Engineering

Our designs are created by the IFS Engineering Department that is located in Rockford, IL. The benefits of having our designs created by Certified Engineers and created in three-dimensional drawings is that each individual component of a structure can also be isolated, analyzed, tested, approved or changed without altering other design components. It guarantees quality in all aspects of the design, all before you bend the first wire or powder coat the first part.

Display Prototyping

A part of the IFS facility, the Prototype Shop is an integral part of our customer service. IFS clients can order prototypes for our fixtures based on concept and line drawings. Most importantly, our prototype timing is measured in days or weeks, not months.

Space Planning and Negotiation

IFS will provide in-depth guidance on the space layout for our fixture designs. We offer planogram negotiation services as well as in depth pro forma analysis to ensure that our clients receive maximum revenue for the fixture space.


The entire fixture process is managed by a team of dedicated specialists to ensure on-time and on-spec delivery. IFS is operated as a true Lean Manufacturing facility to ensure quality, efficiency, and on-time delivery.


Many of our fixtures are accented or developed specifically with signage in mind. We tailor our services to fit the needs of our clients which includes printing on many types of materials. We know how important branding is, and strive to provide the best service possible.

Complete Project Management

Our teams carefully plan and prepare each project ensuring minimal to no missed opportunities for our customers. Our sales team will work with you throughout the entire project to effectively communicate the status of your order.

Installation and Logistical Support

Our dedicated logistics team communicates and coordinates all program details within IFS. A highly-trained team of installation and reset experts work with the customer to coordinate our installs with rack shipping, solidifying a schedule that fits the needs of all parties involved. This ensures minimal back room to sales floor timing and increases overall project efficiency.

Disposal and Recycling

IFS offers disposal and recycling services to our customers as many of our projects require our teams to remove old or outdated fixtures before we place the new units. Those old fixtures become a nuisance at retail for the store. Our teams will work with the store to have the old units removed and taken to scrap or recycling should the project require it.

Participant Billing

Often fixtures are being purchased by multiple parties. For our Front-End customers, this is something extremely common. The IFS Billing System is setup to accommodate those situations.

Inventory Management and Fulfillment

IFS provides our customers on-going service beyond the fixture roll-out. We realize many of our customers would like to take advantage of bulk pricing but may not have the ability to place all of their order immediately. We also realize that our retail customers are constantly opening new stores and need inventory and fulfillment services to manage those openings. IFS works to make these opportunities seamless for our customers by providing on-going inventory management and fulfillment services.